Jory D’Michael Trayvunn Dumas is a 28-year-old who recently was found guilty for stealing almost $200,000 from the Wind Creek Montgomery Casino in Alabama. The young man admitted back in March his role in the theft and has now claimed a guilty plea and sentencing is expected soon.

The Heist

Dumas worked with two others to complete the theft, Courtney Deandra Stanton and Timothy Dean Pettiway. The group tried to pull one over on the Poarch Creek Band of Indians, the operator of the casino. They initially got away with around $193,000 before the investigation discovered who was at fault for the missing funds.

At the time, Stanton was an employee of the casino and Dumas had worked their but was fired for guess what, theft! Dumas supposedly got Stanton to play along with a scheme and leave her keys on top of a cash exchange kiosks. Pettiway would then walk over to the kiosk and remove the cash box and go to the bathroom.

He would come back later and take a second cash box and then do the same thing again. Crazily enough, those involved did not seem to even consider the cameras of the venue. All of the action was caught on surveillance, allowing the casino to know who to press charges against.

Dumas was waiting the entire time in the bathroom and the cash boxes were handed to him so that he could open them and hold on to the cash before finally exiting the casino. For his involvement, Pettiway was given almost three years in jail. Stanton has also acknowledged her role in the heist but has yet to be sentenced.

This is just one more example of casino employees and criminals working together and getting caught. Casinos don’t play around with their security systems and usually can figure out who the perpetrators are to take action.

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