alabamaAlong with poker, gamblers in the US have been the subject of sports betting issues from time to time. When many gamblers feel as though the option is legal, the government does not. An Alabama man recently came to an agreement with the US Attorney’s Office due to a sports betting operation he was running for several years.

Mark Andrew Edmonson was running a betting operation for three years before federal agents shut down his betting operation this past April. Edmonson owned a consulting firm that worked with sporting events and then opened to be able to take online wagers. This began in 2011. The site was used to register wagers and the financials were conducted in person with a check or cash.

Edmonson was eventually shut down and has been trying to months to resolve the legal issue within his home state of Alabama. The operation was discovered after a witness was able to place a wager and report back to officials. This was the undoing of the operation which had been taking place since 2011.

It was earlier this week that Edmonson was able to reach an agreement with the Birmingham US Attorney’s Office. Edmonson has now pleaded guilty to one charge of transmission of wagering information. He will be arraigned on September 11th and will face as much as 2 years in prison and a fine up to $250,000.

Part of the plea deal states that Edmonson must forfeit $67,000 from proceeds of the betting operation. He will also have to forfeit the rights to domain name. The site has been shut down since this case began. Tommy Spina has been acting as Edmonson’s attorney and reported that his client has been able to reach an agreement with the federal government and is now ready to put this incident behind him.

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