Nevada-300x200It seems there is always some type of high profile gambling case taking place within the United States. Whether it be a sports gambling ring, illegal wagering or simple home game, different states have varying laws on the subject of gambling. The most recent high profile case involves a father and son, Paul and Darren Phua. Both men face charges for being part of an illegal gambling case.

Darren is the twenty three year old son of Paul Phua, a high stakes poker player. Darren has plead guilty in the case, to charges of a misdemeanor based on being involved in facilitating illegal wagers on the World Cup. The wagering took place in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace.

The charges Darren pled guilty to include a transmission of wagering information. As part of the plea agreement, Darren must forfeit $125,000 in cash. The final plea or sentencing of Darren has not seen a date set in this case.

Paul still has not been to court on his part of the case and lawyers are arguing the evidence that was obtained against the father and son was by shady means, considered illegal in the eyes of the court. A judge sided with the defendants and prosecutors have appealed the ruling, still pursuing the case. A trial date has been set for April and both sides prepare over the coming weeks for the court date.

The case may never even go to trial, based on the recent ruling against the evidence retrieved by illegal means. Six individuals also were charged in this case, with five having plead guilty to some form of wrongdoing. One individual actually had their case dismissed in court. Over the coming weeks, we should see how the Phuas are treated based on the upcoming trial date this April.

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