A former employee of Wind Creek Bethlehem casino in Pennsylvania is suing the operator due to minimum wage issues.  The lawsuit claims the casino did not pay him and other employees that are tipped based on minimum wage requirements in the state and based on federal law.

In his complaint, Jacob Bartakovits states that he was employed as a dealer in the table games section of the casino from August 2018 to October 2019. In that time, he was a non-exempt hourly employee. At the time, Wind Creek Hospitality had purchased the Sands Bethlehem, now known as the Wind Creek Bethlehem for a whopping $1.4bn.

In the suit, Bartakovits claims the venue was in violation of requirements on a state and federal level regarding minimum wage. He accuses the casino of withholding information from staff members.

Reportedly, the casino was deducting money from paychecks of employees improperly. The deductions included gaming license fees and other charges. Such deductions brought down the wages of employees to below the minimum requirement. In the suit, it also claims the casino decreased overtime rates against state and federal laws.

For Bartakovits, he is seeking the unpaid minimum and overtime wages he was deducted. He has asked the court to force Wind Creek Bethlehem to pay the wages to himself and other employees who were affected.

The lawsuit is actually one of several being handled by the McClelland Law Firm on behalf of employees from the casino around the United States. Earlier this month, the Wind Creek Hospitality group was found to be part of similar claims where tipped workers were not paid based on local and federal laws.

The charges against Wind Creek are not the only ones in the works against casino companies. MGM Springfield of Massachusetts is also facing a similar lawsuit filed by employees.

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