tennesseePolice officers are supposed to uphold the law and take measures to enforce the law when needed. However, there are times when officers use their position to bend and even break the law. A former police from Tennessee is now facing serious jail time after becoming involved in a high stakes poker sting operation.

The police officer if the Former Deputy Sheriff Robbie Flood. The officer used his position to move money for a high-stakes poker game that was considered ‘underground’. Flood helped move $1 million in cash from a nearby hotel to individuals who he believed to be from out of town. The individuals happened to be FBI agents and Flood was part of a sting operation.

Flood took over $500 to help move the money to the individuals and wore a police uniform and drove his work vehicle during the transport. He also asked to be paid for the gas used during the transport. The sting took place back in 2009 and several more officers were said to be part of the operation. Five of those involved in the case have been indicted by a grand jury. It has taken some time for the case to play out in court.

The court documents in Flood’s case stated that officers were told by the undercover FBI agents that the game of poker was illegal yet the officers chose to help anyway. Flood now faces sentencing for his crimes and could spend as much as 20 years in jail. He will have to wait until spring to be sentenced by a judge.

In court, Flood pled guilty to violating the Hobbs Act which equals an attempt of extortion under the color of official right. Flood and the others involved were told that the game was illegal but the officers choose to continue with the plan and must now face punishment for their actions.

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