When visiting a casino, it is common for players to take a seat at the poker or blackjack tables and enjoy a few hours of game play. Players can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in just a few hours of playing either game. When players run out of cash or get tired of the game, they move on. It is common for players to return to the table after a small break, but what is not common is robbing a bank in the in-between time.

A report surfaced last week that a player in West Virginia decided to stop playing the game of blackjack long enough to rob a bank and then returned to play yet again. The individual in this case is Kerry Johnson, a 52 year old man who has been accused of leaving the Mardi Gras Casino and robbing a bank back in August.

After he placed a $25 chip on the table to try and keep his seat, Johnson allegedly left the casino and drove to a bank about 13 miles from the gaming venue. Johnson was said to have told tellers of the bank that he had a bomb and left with cash in hand. Johnson then returned to the casino and played more blackjack.

The suspect was taken into custody by police from his home and a large sum of money was found to be stuffed between two couch cushions. Jonson has denied that he was involved in the robbery. If he is convicted of the crime, he will face as much as 20 years in prison. Johnson did admit that he has a gambling addiction. For now, the case will head to court and Johnson will have to plead his case in the matter to try and prove his innocence, hoping to avoid jail time.

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