It’s not every day that a gaming license is revoked in the state of Nevada. In most cases, venues are actually trying to get in to the industry. Revoking a gaming license is a serious consequence to activity conducted by the venue and the culprit in this case is the Scoundrels Pub. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that the Nevada Gaming Commission has decided to remove the license from the venue located on Decatur Boulevard.

A.G. Burnett is the Chairman of the Gaming Control Board who stated that he cannot remember the last time that a license had been revoked. The Scoundrels Pub was allowed to have a restricted gaming license since 2005. This means the venue has different licensing than a standard casino such as MGM or Tropicana. With a restricted license, a venue can operate slot machine gaming as long as the gaming is incidental to the primary business of the location.

Reportedly, the decision to remove the gaming license from the venue stems from gang-related violence. There are have been six shootings, all gang-related, at the site from 2009 to 2015. Almost 100 calls to police have taken place in that same time frame in regards to violence. The property owner actually tried to sell the venue but was unsuccessful.

David John Zderic is the owner of the pub who will lose his license as well as face an unspecified fine. Zderic has not confirmed or denied that the shootings or violence have taken place within his establishment.

The state has filed in the complaint that Zderic has failed to exercise proper control over the operation of the business at the location and has permitted dangerous conditions to exist. This has put the safety of the public as well as patrons and employees at risk.

No comment has been made by the owner in regards to the removal of licensing.

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