An illegal online sports betting operation was reportedly being run by a man in Chicago, shutdown after an investigation was completed by the FBI. Michael Frontier was arrested for allegedly running an illegal online sportsbook for several years via a website that was based in Costa Rica.

Federal prosecutors have reported that Frontier was a bookmaker for several gamblers located in Chicago as well as in and around the city. Bettors stated they lost tens of thousands of dollars on bets placed from 2010 until 2016.

Reportedly, Frontier paid a fee for services via a Costa Rica sports betting operation to use their platform for gambling. He would then collect bets or pay in cash to gamblers who took part in this services.

Frontier then reportedly tried to remove debts by hiding the gambling income in bankruptcy court. He was taking bets at the time and filed for bankruptcy after a judge ruled he was to pay a personal injury lawsuit settlement of $1.5 million. He was subject to a suit by a man who crashed a motorcycle that Frontier helped repair.

No profits were reported by Frontier from the illegal bookmaking business. He told officials that he was working as a painter and completing carpentry work. After the investigation was finished, Frontier was charged with five counts of money laundering and five counts of false statements within bankruptcy court.

He also has been charged with bankruptcy fraud and operating illegal gambling, plus making a false declaration in bankruptcy court. With the money laundering counts, Frontier could be given 20 years per count. The other counts have a maximum of five year prison terms. The arraignment for Frontier has not been scheduled yet.   

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