Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has become a staple on the Las Vegas poker scene. He commonly hits the tables, taking part in major events like the World Series of Poker. While spending a lot of time in Las Vegas, it appears Hart has been playing more than Texas Hold’em. The actor is now facing a lawsuit for a 2017 sex tape that was filled at the Cosmopolitan on the Las Vegas Strip. Hart is being sued for $60 million by Montia Sabbag who says the filming was not consensual.

Hart met Sabbag at a nightclub at the casino and reportedly hooked up with her in a hotel room later on that night. According to Sabbag, the sex was consensual, but she did not agree to filming. The lawsuit states that Hart had a premediated plan to film the encounter in the hotel suite.

Hart reportedly planned the event with his friend J.T. Jackson. Mr. Jackson was arrested on extortion charges after the tape was released over two years ago. When the tape was released, Sabbag claimed that Hart was a victim too and she was not planning on suing him.

However, now she is claiming that Hart was in on it and wants to be given an eight figure payday for damages. Sabbag is claiming that the new comedy tour for Hart as well as the press he earned after the release of the tape was motivation to allow Jackson into the room, to place the cameras and film the encounter in secret.

Mr. Jackson has made a comment on the matter, stating the he never tried to extort the comedian and in an apology video by Hart, stated that no one should be profiting off of the tapes.

We shall see where the suit goes from here. Hart recently sustained serious injuries after being involved in a car accident and this will be yet another negative issue he will have to deal with as he recovers.

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