Nevada-300x200It is no secret that sports stars enjoy casino gaming. It is never uncommon to see football stars, pro baseball players, tennis stars and more athletes take to the casino floor to spend their hard earned money. These professional athletes also use their stardom to take part in special tournaments or events to be able to earn gratuities or to simply have fun at the casino. However, sometimes athletes can get in to trouble for becoming too involved in casino gaming.

It was recently reported that Clinton Portis, a former star in the National Football League is now being sued by a Las Vegas Casino for an unpaid debt. The football player now owes just over $287,000 in cash to the MGM Grand.

The Clark County Court just recently released a default judgement that is worth six figures and it is believed that Portis never responded to the suit for the cash owed. The MGM in Nevada sued Portis last fall but to no avail.

Portis was an investor in a casino project that failed and he ended up losing $43.6 million in the process. He is reportedly suing his financial advisor as well as others also involved in the suit, over the loss. He reportedly also owes over $1 million to creditors.

The 33 year old retired from the NFL in 2012 and one year later became part of a class action lawsuit against the National Football League due to concussions. He said he was not doing it because he needed the money as he is doing just fine. But if you take a look at the many lawsuits he is involved with as well as the creditors he owes, it seems like that is not the entire story. Portis still claims that he is doing fine financially and does not need any assistance.

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