Nevada-300x200The Las Vegas Sands Corp. has been involved in a lawsuit concerning the company’s trademarks and has finally earned restitution in the matter. According to recent reports, a federal judge has ruled in favor of the casino brand, who will now earn $2 million in restitution costs.

The company had their likeness used to promote online gambling sites that catered to gamblers in the Asian markets and these sites must now pay up for using the Sands brand without permission. However, the issue with this case is that no one seems to know who needs to pay up.

The Sands is a large developer of casino gaming and owns properties around the world including Singapore, Macau and Las Vegas. Back in June, the company asked the courts for assistance after finding out that 35 websites were using their trademark without permission to get gamblers to take part in online gambling. The Sands is strongly against online gambling in the United States and wants to clear their name.

In the report, the Sands states that the websites falsely affiliated themselves with the company to lure prospective gamblers into the online casino gaming sites. The sites used the brand to promote, advertise and provide services to gamblers without permission.

The judge has clearly ruled in favor of the gaming operator with $2 million to be paid to the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. However, without knowing who needs to pay up, the company will not see payment made as of yet. It will be interesting to see how this case will evolve and how the company will be paid the money that has been ruled due to them. It is also interesting to consider if the sites are now not using the brand or if they continue to use the Las Vegas Sands as a promotional tool without their permission.

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