OhioA poker dealer working at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland was accused back in September by the state of Ohio of trying to cheat the casino. The dealer was said to have hid a card from the deck up his sleeve. The case was dismissed, with the dealer’s attorney stating the claims were absurd.

Robert D. Brown is the dealer accused who was indicted back in September after the Cuyahoga County grand jury heard the case. The 58 year old dealer was not accused by the casino, which did not think he was cheating or had attempted to, this according to Brown’s lawyer, Jeff Shively.

Everyone was happy to find the case was dismissed, with Shively pointing out that Brown is a nice guy and a person who has shown that he is not bitter about the event, even after being charged with cheating. The story goes that Brown was working the $1/$2 no limit hold’em tables and was shuffling, like a dealer should. One of the cards accidently managed to get in his sleeve in a face-down manner. The automatic shuffler machine showed that a card seemed to be missing when shuffling and Brown then notified the floor manager.

A search then began for the card. It took about 20 minutes and the card was nowhere to be found. It was then that Brown moved to a different table and was bending over when the card fell from his uniform. He has loose sleeves so somehow the card managed to slip into his sleeves. Brown was then shocked to find he had been charged with a felony just weeks later.

Due to the charges, Brown was suspended for five months without pay, even though he had worked as a dealer since 2012 when the casino opened. It was tough for Brown and his family during this 5 month time frame. He is now back at work and trying to recover from his lost wages.

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