Top poker pro Phil Ivey is hoping to see an appeal take place involving his case with the Borgata Casino of Atlantic City. Just a few days ago, Ivey asked the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit to overturn a ruling where he is being forced to pay back $10.1 million to the gaming venue.

According to CardPlayer, last Friday, Ivey and Cheung Yin Sun, the playing partner of the poker pro, filed an appeal in Philadelphia, just a few days after a motion was denied by US District Court Judge Noel Hillman. The two were hoping they could continue to fight the ruling, avoiding paying the large such of cash to the casino.

The decision by Judge Hillman in the case will allow the casino to try and collect the funds while the appeal remains pending. The court found that in 2016, both Ivey and Sun were in breach of their contract with the casino by using a small edge on the house when playing a game of baccarat. The legal team for the pair denies any breach of contract.

The case goes back to 2012 when the two took part in high stakes gambling involving the game of baccarat. By using a technique known as edge-sorting, the gamblers were able to use subtle manufacturing flaws located on the backs of playing cards to gain a small edge over the casino.

According to the Borgata, the move changed the odds of the game from 1.06 house advantage to a 6.765 advantage to the player. In the case, Judge Hillman stated that even though the players actions did not break the rules of the game, they used deceitful maneuvers that broke the rules of gambling as defined by state law.

The two would bet as much as $150,000 a hand which resulted in the big wins during game play.

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