connecticutIn the game of poker, one must follow the rules and play the game as it is stated at the casino. With every poker variant, there are different rules that must be followed. Players who do not follow the rules can get in trouble with the casino or even the law. From time to time, players will try and bend the rules or cheat the casino to win money. A recent cheater from Connecticut was banned from poker player after he was found to be marking cards.

State officials decided to ban the player, Bruce Koloshi, from competing at the Connecticut casinos. The player is from New Jersey and apparently traveled to Connecticut so he could cheat at the poker tables. According to several reports, the player was found to be marking cards with invisible ink so he could determine what moves to make.

The elaborate scheme allowed the player to mark the cards and then wear special contact lenses to view the ink. However, the security cameras of the casino were also able to view the markings from the invisible ink when the footage was played in black and white. This revelation gave the casino the upper hand and the ability to charge Koloshi with cheating.

Earlier this week, Koloshi pled guilty and was given a time served sentence. He had spent ten months in jail after he was arrested last September for the crime. The player was arrested by officials at the poker table and was found to have a piece of fabric marked with the special ink on his person. This is not the first time the player has been found cheating and records show that he has earned convictions for cheating in several states including Iowa, Illinois, Nevada and faces additional charges in Louisiana.


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