Poker pro Mike Postle has been accused of cheating after more than a year of consistent winning. Veronica Brill, a former commentator for Stones Live Poker at the Stones Gambling Hall has accused of cheating to earn over $300k in wins. Footage was provided online of Postile’s gameplay and many feel he used some type of technology to know the opponent’s hole cards. Of course this is speculation but now several people have filed a lawsuit against him for cheating.

Lawsuit Filed

Brill and 24 other poker players who were affected by Postle have decided to file a lawsuit seeking damage of over $30 million. Postle is named in the suit along with King’s Casino who is the owner of the Stones Gambling Hall. They also name Justin Kuraitis, the director of tournaments at the venue and the Stones Live Poker Production Manager.

The lawsuit was filed in California and accuses the defendants of racketeering, negligence, fraud and libel. The claim is that the plaintiffs were damaged based on money lost to Postle as well as the opportunity to earn money via honest poker games broadcast to the public via streaming services.

In the filing, it highlights the high win rate of Postle, which resulted in over $300,000 in profit based on estimations. Postle was allowed to have his phone on-hand during games while others were not, which is called out in the suit. The filing also mentions the reported RFID malfunctions with the stream along with body language of Postle and his infrequency of losses.

Attorneys went one step further in the filing and allege that Postle committed wire fraud if he used his mobile device to access hole cards of the other players at the table. Kuraitis, the tournament director, has been accused of aiding in the cover up of the alleged cheating.

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