Nevada-300x200Poker player Paul Phua was recently implicated in an illegal gambling group and lawyers for the poker player are now claiming that certain evidence must be suppressed in the case. The lawyers have stated that during the search, the defendant’s fourth amendment rights were violated.

In July, officials raided a villa in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace and the defendant lawyers in the case are claiming that the search was illegal. Court documents were filed this week that states the search was warrant-less and that a warrant was not obtained until after. According to reports, the defense is stating that the FBI turned the internet off at the villa and then posed as repair technicians to be able to enter the home and find evidence.

It has been stated that a US prosecutor made agents pose to enter the villa. A 54 page motion was filed by the defense in the case, as reported by CardPlayer. Phua was charged I the case and was bailed out by fellow poker pros. Ivey and others put up a large sum of cash to get Phua out of jail. Everyone involved in the case faces long prison sentences if convicted.

If the evidence from the search is removed from the case, there may not be enough evidence to convict. The prosecution will most likely try everything they can to make the searches legal so that the evidence collected can be used in the case.

Phua and his son Darren Phua were arrested back in July and were accused of organizing an operation to provide illegal betting in Las Vegas. Authorities are claiming that electronic equipment was seized during the search that was used in the illegal betting operations. The case will only continue and we will keep readers updated as new information is released.






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