In certain areas of the United States, take Colorado for instance, marijuana is legal to have as well as use, as well as sell. However, in most areas, it is not, and individuals face a hefty fine as well as potential jail time depending on what type of charges they face when found with the substance. Last year, poker player Micah Raskin was charged with possessing 360 pounds of marijuana plants and now it seems he faces even more charges for his crimes.

When Raskin was first charged, he was deemed by authorities as a dangerous individual. Court documents were filed last week in New York charging Raskin in federal court with distributing 220 pounds of marijuana or more. The poker pro earned his first drug charge after taking part in a big event at the Atlantic City Borgata casino.

Raskin has been accused of taking marijuana to the Baltimore area of Maryland. According to authorities, the weed was valued at over $500,000 on the black market. The poker pro was reportedly selling the drug at $1,400 a pound.

During a seizure of the drugs, police were able to take over 350 pounds of the drug as well as large amounts of hash oils. A fire arm, taser and paperwork that revealed the prices of the items and payments were also recovered. On top of that, police took an SUV, corvette, as well as $140,000 in cash.

District Attorney of Nassau County Madeline Singas stated that the time of living the high life selling drugs is over for Raskin. The player will also be unable to take part in poker tournaments, unless he is playing cards behind bars because he most likely will be spending a great deal of time in jail after being found with the massive amount of marijuana.


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