ohioIt is not uncommon for a gambler to face charges from a casino for acting inappropriately or trying to cheat the casino. However, it is uncommon for a gambler to sue the casino for the charges they face. Mark DiSalvo is a gambler from Ohio who is currently suing the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati for what malicious prosecution and false imprisonment. The lawsuit is due to an incident last year when DiSalvo won a large jackpot from a slot game at the casino.

Reports state that DiSalvo had filed a complaint against Cincinnati in March of this year and was awarded just over $4,000. The player is now filing an amended complaint against the casino. The suit states that DiSalvo won a $2,000 jackpot but without the proper ID the casino stated he could come back later to fill out paperwork to claim the win. This was not cool with DiSalvo and the paperwork was not handed to the player for several hours and he became frustrated with the process, even contacting police for backup.

The player was eventually put in handcuffs and taken from the property. The incident was caught on camera and so the player does have the video footage to back up what happened. A report at Bizjournals, states that the plaintiff offered the casino an option to settle the case out of court for $56,000 and the casino responded with a $10,000 offer.

DiSalvo is currently claiming that he was falsely accused of causing a disturbance at the casino and that police did not testify to the truth of what happened in the case, even though he was acquitted. It will be interesting to see if the gambler will be able to earn his claim or if he will be left with nothing from the incident.


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