3D Shiny USA textAny proponent of online gambling, especially poker, does not like to see Sheldon Adelson’s name in the news. Anytime the Las Vegas Sands CEO is mentioned, it is usually not good for online poker or casino gaming. Adelson has spent countless dollars in efforts to see online gambling banned in the United States. Gaining support from legislators is a goal that Adelson continues to strive for to try and see the Restoration of America’s Wire Act set into motion.

Just recently, it was announced that Adelson has more support in trying to lobby for an overall ban. Former legislators have joined in the fight, giving Adelson the support he needs to try and see a federal ban put in place. Former Senator John Breaux and Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott have both come forward in support of Adelson and his feelings towards online gambling in the US.

It was just last month that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill that would restore the 1961 Wire Act of America to stop online gaming in most forms. The legislation introduced by Graham is sponsored by several legislators including:

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Dan Coats

Senator Mike Lee

Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Thom Tillis

Senator Dianne Feinstein

An additional version of the legislation was introduced by Representative Jason Chaffetz and has been titled RAWA, though this bill has not moved forward. Currently, only Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have the legal right to offer online gaming. Additional states are considering getting in on the action and include New York, California and Pennsylvania.

As of right now the RAWA legislation is sitting still but Adelson gaining new support is never good. In the coming weeks we should see just what will happen as legislators try to decide which route to take in regards to online gaming.



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