Casino gaming may be coming to Arkansas, if voters decide to approve an amendment on the upcoming November ballot. In just a few days, voters will have the ability to approve or vote no against legalizing four casinos in the state. In the past, attempts to see casino gaming become a reality have failed, but it seems that this time around, voters may be ready to see the gambling industry expand.

Known as Issue 4, the midterm election ballot on the 6th of November will be asking voters if they want to approve an amendment to the state’s constitution that would allow licensing for four casinos. The licenses would be given to existing gaming venues in the state including the Oaklawn Jockey Club and Southland Racing Corporation. Two new applicants would be approved for projects that would be created in the future in Jefferson and Pope county.

A poll was recently conducted at Hendrix College which showed that 49% of voters are in favor now, while 43% are opposed. In the past, the approval percentage was lower at 41%. It seems support has grown over the past few months as the voting time draws near. Perhaps residents of the state have begun to look in to the option further, getting to know more about the proposals as they prepare to vote.

Supporters are pushing the fact that casinos that are legalized in the state would stop money that is flowing out of the state to neighboring regions. Players are taking their money to nearby states to take part in casino games. 30% of residents in the state that were surveyed said that they take part in gambling at venues in other states.

It has been estimated that expanding the gambling industry would see the state earn around $120 million in tax revenues, with 55% of that amount going towards the state general fund.

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