equitable-sharing-law-changes-too-late-for-californian-poker-playing-pairOnline poker is a constant topic of discussion in the state of California. From legislators to Indian tribes and card rooms, the subject is constantly being discussed, with many hoping legislation can be passed and the state enter into the blossoming industry of the United States. With several bills on the table, it looked as though the state may be gaining headway in their efforts to legalize online poker gaming. However, one bill is now off the table and a hearing cancelled on the subject.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto has removed his bill, AB 9, from the table, having the option to reintroduce the measure when he sees fit. Gatto first released the bill in December of 2014 and was hoping his measure would be the one to push the state into the online poker industry. However, after much deliberation, the Assemblyman decided to cancel the hearing of his bill due to the differences within those invested in the industry.

Gatto pointed out that a consensus must come to fruition before the state can legalize the option for online poker. Gatto stated that cancelling his legislation is the right thing to do as the state needs to get on track with a consensus of online poker before moving forward. The bill does have an urgency clause, allowing the bill to be brought back to life at any time.

After speaking with groups interested in online poker, Gatto had decided he would not move forward with legislation until the groups could decide on how the industry should proceed. It is his promise of a consensus that has prompted the Assemblyman to cancel the hearing and remove his bill from legislation.

For now, the state will have to figure out how to appease all groups before legalizing a bill that will allow online poker to take place within the state.



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