pennsylvaniaEvery Casino across the United States has rules and regulations that must be abided by. From the rules at the poker table to actual state and federal laws, players, employees and operators must abide by the rules in order for the operations to continue. A Chief Executive of one Pennsylvania Casino is now facing punishment after breaking the laws of the casino.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board ruled that Michael Bowman acted recklessly and allowed to underage women to gamble on the casino floor back in May last year. The CE has been suspended from the casino for fifteen days after allowing to women who were underage to gain access to the casino. Bowman must also take 8 hours of training, create a letter of apology to employees of the casino as well as lose two weeks of pay from the Valley Forge Casino Resort

A previous agreement had been made in which Bowman was to pay $4,000 for the incident. Bowman had been unhappy with the properties customer service and decided to take matters into his own hands. He helped two women gain entry on to the gaming floor, believing they were around 30 when they were 20. He waved them through security which checks to see the age of every patron.

The women apparently did not drink any alcohol or gamble, but the Board feels as though Bowman must be punished for his actions. The board rejected this first deal and felt as though the punishment should be harsher than originally suggested to prove a point. Earlier this week, the new punishment was announced and Bowman was asked if he understood the recklessness of his conduct on the day in question. He answered that he does and he must now complete the tasks that the board have set forth for him to complete.

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