Since the state of Nevada decided to legalize the use of marijuana, casinos and gambling officials have been discussing how the two would interact and if any changes should be made to the stance of the gaming industry on the matter. This week, the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee will meet at the Clark County Government Center to discuss the cannabis industry and how it may affect casinos in the state.

Back in September, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval stated that the 12 member committee would be reinstated to discuss the issue of cannabis and gambling. The federal government still has a banned stance when it comes to marijuana. Because of this, gambling operators of Nevada have been told to stay away from the new industry by gaming regulators.

There are no smoking lounges in Las Vegas gaming facilities that allow marijuana as well as no dispensaries available. The gaming properties are also not to allow conventions related to the cannabis industry to take place within their conference centers.

With this upcoming meeting, the overall goal is to see information gathered on the matter as well as begin a discussion and see recommendations provided for policies that will relate to interactions that may take place between the gaming industry and the new marijuana industry.

Included in the meeting will be the governor, A.G. Burnett, the Gaming Control Board Chairman, Jim Murren, the CEO of MGM Resorts, Blake Sartini, CEO of Golden Gaming and more. A report must be provided by the group by summer of next year with findings listed.

It will be interesting to see what the findings reveal but it would not be surprising to see that the gaming venues want to stay far away from the cannabis industry as they can, at least for the time being.

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