In years past, the state of Kentucky has considered legalizing casinos and offering table games, poker and slots, but efforts have failed time and time again. It seems the time may have come for the state to try again in 2018, as one legislator has pre-filed a measure that would see the state offer as many as four casinos if approved.

Lawmaker Dennis Keene spoke with WCPO last week and discussed the current climate when it comes to gaming in the United States. Keene feels that now is the time for Kentucky to take action as the atmosphere is more receptive to gaming right now. Currently, several states are considering online gambling as well as a sports betting case being reviewed by the United States Supreme Court.

Keene feels that with so much progress being made, that Kentucky could be able to pass a measure to get the ball rolling with casino gaming. The state is one of only ten that does not currently have a casino in place. If casinos were to be created, poker would be on offer along with other traditional games found at casinos, like slots, blackjack, craps and more.

Keene pre-filed a measure that will first be discussed in 2018. The legislation would allow as many as four casinos to be constructed. According to the lawmaker, the existing horse racing industry along with new casinos could set the state up to offer quality sports betting, if the SCOTUS decides to rule in New Jersey’s favor within the Christie vs. NCAA case.

Several states feel that the Supreme Court will rule in New Jersey’s favor. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is being reviewed and the court would have to rule this law unconstitutional for states in the nation to have the ability to create sports betting legislation and offer such gaming services. Several states have already passed legislation or are working on measures to be ready to provide sports betting if the court rules in a positive manner towards the activity.

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