newjerseyAs a security guard of a casino facility, one will have many responsibilities. From watching the casino floor to the entire facility, security guards must make sure the property is safe as well as help with problem gamblers. When cheating or a robbery occurs, the security guard is the first person on the scene. However, in one recent case, a security guard used his knowledge of the casino to pull off a major robbery.

The Caesars Atlantic City is reporting that a man who used to work as a security guard and several other men worked together to take $180,000 of New Jersey Casino money. It was on July 21st that two men arrived on the property with masks on and stole boxes made of plastic which contained the money. Izyiah Plummer and Aaron Evans were the two men who are reported as the robbers and it was Plummer had been fired just two weeks before the robbery from his job as a security guard for unknown reasons.

Plummer used what he knew of the casino to be able to pull off the robbery. He has been alleged to have used a gun during the robbery process. According to Christopher Leone, the Captain of the New Jersey State Police, the robbers seemed to have had intimate knowledge of the property. The two men arrived at a door on a street that is not commonly used. The two knew where to go to find the money which is not something that is commonly known.

Two other men were on hand to provide the getaway vehicle and a total of 8 people have been arrested for having something to do with the crime. Most of the cash has been recovered and the men now face charges. There have been several instances of casino robberies over the past few months and it makes one wonder if further legislation is needed to help prevent such crimes. Or perhaps the casinos need to take even more strategic security measures to make sure the property is safe from such occurrences. Whatever the case may be, criminals continue to plot and plan to try and scam the casino since the facilities are always full of cash.

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