Gambling expansion may take place in Florida soon, if voters decide to approve it. Voters in Charge, a group against the expansion of gaming in the state, has finally gathered enough petition signatures to be able to see a proposed amendment to the constitution be added to the ballot in November. Known as Amendment 3, voters will be deciding if casino gambling will be authorized in the state.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the Voters in Charge group was able to gather over 766,200 signatures to see the amendment added to the ballot. The Voter Control of Gambling Amendment is backed by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, as they currently have a monopoly on several types of gaming in the state, and certainly do not want to see expansion by way of casino.

The goal of the amendment is to give the voters of the state the exclusive right to choose whether or not casino gambling will be authorized. Voters in Charge chairman of the political committee, John Sowinski, is spearheading the amendment and expects that groups in favor of casino gambling and those opposed will being to spend more to ensure their side wins the vote this November.

The opponents side already has strong backing with support from Disney Worldwide Services. Disney does not to see an expansion as they might see money taken away from their businesses in the state. The company has spent more than $4 million in an effort to get voters on their side.

In Florida, 60% of the residents must decide to approve the measure for the expansion to move forward. Proponents are worried that with Disney and the Seminole Tribe opposed, gaining the right amount of support will basically be impossible.

It will be interesting to watch over the next few months as both sides ramp up spending and efforts to see the outcome they desire with the vote in November.

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