One of the more common options for payment via online gambling sites is PayPal. Everyone knows that PayPal is a secure and trusted form of financial transactions. When it comes to online poker and casino gaming, players can easily use PayPal to deposit and withdraw funds. Players located in Germany will now no longer be allowed to use PayPal for their financial needs. The company recently updated their guidelines and along with a crackdown by Germany regarding payment companies, they have decided to stop offering services in the country.

Prohibited Activities

In the update guideline for Germany, PayPal has listed that Germans will no longer be allowed to use their PayPal accounts with offers that are not legal based on location, including online gambling offers. Players are advised to ensure that an offer is legal before using PayPal to complete a transaction.

The new guidelines come into effect on October 21st, so players have a few months to come up with alternative options for their online poker and casino gameplay.

Government Changes

The decision by the payment company comes just a few months after the German State of Lower Saxony released an order to a payment provider, that remained unnamed, that the company must cut ties with online gambling operators that are considered international companies that target players in Germany.

The company could offer their services via operators who are located in the country and providing lottery betting, poker and casino gaming. Rumor has it that the affected company was PayPal and that is why the changes were made. However, this has not been officially confirmed.

Financial companies as well as online gambling operators have had to stop offering services in several areas around the world due to legality changes or issues. Such companies must always be in the know when it comes to legal changes so they can remain in compliance with regulations in the country of operation.

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