The leaders of 16 states in Germany seem to be working together when it comes to a solution for online gambling negotiations in the country. Reports from local news outlets state that significant progress has been made involving the new State Treaty on Gambling negotiations. Leaders from Schleswig-Holstein produced a model and other lawmakers in other states seem to agree.

On January 1st, the country adopted a new sports betting regime authorized by the Third State Treaty on Gambling. The new option allows sports betting operators to apply for licensing via regulators in Germany. Services will be offered in a regulated environment.

The regulatory framework is completely experimental and will be in play until June 30th 2021. Now is the time when lawmakers of the country are discussing permanent legislation. The goal is to have a permanent solution agreed upon and in place before next year.

The newly proposed framework would lift a ban on online gambling services including casino and poker games. Sports betting would be legal as well once the State Treat on Gambling is adopted. Basically, the country could potentially open up to allow regulated and licensed online poker and table games.

A new gambling regulator will be created in the country, with the agency set to accept and process the applications for licensing. The regulator will be in charge of the licensing process, but each state will need to create and then implement their own regulations as well as technical requirements for online gaming.

The legislation suggested would introduce an attractive gambling environment and ensure that gambling would take place within a regulated market and move away from an existing black market.

It is good news that lawmakers seem to have reached an agreement. Online casino and poker products have been a point of contention in the country, with leaders from each state having disagreed in the past. Hopefully in the coming days even more progress will be seen as lawmakers word towards common ground regarding the gambling industry.

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