Nevada-300x200The subject of iGaming on a federal level continues to heat up in the United States with individuals involved in the land-based industry speaking out either for or against the activity. In Nevada, the CEO of MGM Resorts, is the latest to speak on the subject. Jim Murren has stated that that ban on iGaming is ridiculous.

Murren was speaking with News3LV in Las Vegas when he made the comments, discussing a number of subjects. It was towards the end of the interview that the CEO was asked his opinion on the subject. He spent several minutes speaking about online gambling, even getting quite passionate.

Murren referenced the effort of Sheldon Adelson to ban online gambling, loosely, and dismissed the idea as a way to deal with the subject. The Restoration of America’s Wire Act would ban online gambling on a federal level but Murren is not in agreement.

The CEO stated that Americans are currently gambling online illegally. The age, affordability and location of those taking part is unavailable information. Murren pointed out that he doesn’t even know if players are getting paid for winning. No information is available when players risk off-shores sites.

Murren pointed out that to think that the option can just be banned and the problem will go away is simply ridiculous. Murren stated that he believes the option should be brought out in the open and regulated for better control.

Murren feels as though banning the activity will push gamblers further underground and not solve the issues at hand. He is currently advocating for the legalization and regulation of online gambling. Taxation and holding companies accountable for the outcome of such activity should help with any issues that online gambling can cause.

This is just one opinion of many in a position within the gaming industry. It seems as though no consensus can be found among politicians and industry insiders to see either a full ban or legalization of the activity.




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