Nevada-300x200In the state of Nevada, players have a long list of activities available to them on the subject of gambling, from poker to casino options. Several casinos and gaming facilities can be found throughout the state, with the majority being located within Las Vegas. A new proposal was recently sent out in the state that would see Nevada begin to offer lottery gaming as well.

Nevada is known as a gambling friendly state, possibly the most within the United States. However, the state does not have a lottery like many of the other individual states within the region. Assemblyman Harvey Munford proposed a new bill last week, titled AJR 6 which would legalize the option within the state.

The new bill would see a lottery set up within Nevada and would allow the revenues from ticket sales to go towards public education for children as well as senior citizen health and welfare. According to reports, the schools in Nevada are some of the worst in the US and are considered to be ‘dropout factories’.

The bill would create additional revenues that could help the struggling school system which would only be of benefit for the state. However, opposition is to be expected as many of the casino operators will feel as though a lottery would be taking away from their casino revenues. Reports have shown that the Las Vegas Sands Corp would be against the lottery and are planning on fighting the bill, but that is no surprise since the company seems to be against any type of gambling legislation.

The legislation must be approved by two consecutive legislative sessions before it can be added to the 2018 ballot. So, for now, it would seem lottery gaming is a long way off from the state. Additional proposals for a Nevada lottery have been shot down so the addition of the lottery seems like a losing battle.

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