massachusetts-stampBruce Tarr is the state senator of Massachusetts who recently filed a bill to try and see online gambling allowed within the state’s borders. The new bill would be similar to what is already legalized in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, allowing players located within the state to log online and enjoy their favorite casino games for real money.

According to the text of the bill, the State Gaming Commission would be choosing which games would be provided but one would expect it would be a mix of table games, poker and slots. In Delaware and New Jersey, players can access poker as well as casino games. However, Nevada only provides online poker gaming.

The state of Massachusetts is fairly new to casino gaming in the brick and mortar sense, having only passed land based casino gaming in 2011. The state currently only has a slots facility and additional properties, the Wynn Everett and MGM Resorts are under construction. Both properties are far from completion but will offer Las Vegas style casino gaming. An additional commercial casino as well as tribal option are also in the works.

The text of the bill created by Tarr also limits the online gambling sites to those who already operate land based facilities. With casinos under construction, by the time legislation could be passed and regulations set, the casinos could be in place to launch the online gambling options.

Massachusetts is not the only state with legislation in the works for online gaming. Pennsylvania is getting ready to offer online gaming as well with a bill having moved from the House Committee and now being considered by the House. If approved, the measure will move on to the Senate and then the governor for approval. The year is almost up so it may be 2016 before any movement is seen with either measure.

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