Sports betting is currently being considered in several states as the United States Supreme Court will be deciding soon if current regulation should remain in place or if sports betting should be allowed across the nation. The Christie vs NCAA case is challenging the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act, and if the court rules the Act as unconstitutional, then states can pass legislation to offer sports betting. Several have already done so, including New Jersey, and many are now considering their options. Missouri lawmakers will be making a decision on sports betting in April when proposed legislation is reviewed.

On April 4th, the state legislature is set to meet as the House Budget Committee holds a public hearing. Three pieces of legislation are to be considered including House Bill 2320. This bill was introduced by Representative Bart Korman and is simply a bare bones bill placing the state’s Gaming Commission in charge of creating regulations that would establish regulations and standards for sports betting wagering.

Other bills get into the meat of the issue. House Bill 2535 will create a 12% tax on sports betting revenues and includes an integrity fee to be paid to sports leagues of 1% of all sports wagers made. This would equal out to around 20 to 25% of revenues earned. Leagues such as the MLB have been asking for the fee as part of their willingness to be open to sports wagering. Professional sports leagues have long been unsupportive of sports betting as they say such wagering can conflict with the integrity of the game.

The last bill to be considered is House Bill 2406. This measure was introduced by Representative Justin Alferman and would define the term gambling game in such a way that sports betting would be considered an activity of skill. The bill also includes gambling boats that have current licensing to be considered for licensing of sports betting in the state.

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