Taking a break from online poker and casino legislation, states in the US are focused more than ever on legalizing sports betting within their borders. The latest to do so is Colorado. By a narrow margin, the state became the 19th in the nation to legalize the industry.

This week, voters in the state had the opportunity to provide their say so as to if sports betting should be legalized or not. It took two full days to count the vote as the turnout was so close. Proposition DD had to be approved by residents of the state to be enforced, legalizing sports betting. Over 1.4 million people voted on the matter with the outcome going back and forth, from yes to no several times.

By the end of the vote, the ballot had a 22,000 lead of yes. Most of the counties in the state rejected the proposal, however the more populated areas were in approval and helped to push the bill forward. Backers of the legislation felt the language might be a barrier and cause some voters to check no.

Curtis Hubbard, a spokesperson for a group that supported the bill, stated that the language used on the ballot was important because it stated who paid the tax and how it would be funded. According to Hubbard, the bill was able to move forward due to support from the bipartisan group.

Sports betting will begin in the state starting in May of next year. Players must be 21 years of age or older to take part. All the casinos in the state are eligible for licensing, in both retail and online outlets. Casinos that provide sports betting will be taxed 10% of their revenues with the majority of the money going towards a wager management plan of the state.

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