nebraskaWhile many states struggle to see online poker taking place, one state just wants to be able to enjoy live poker gaming. In the state of Nebraska, Tyson Larson is working to see poker legislation passed so card rooms will be allowed for patrons to enjoy. The state of Nebraska is one of the individual states in the US that does not allow gambling.

Larson is the first official to try and see poker legislation passed within the state. The 28 year old politician sees the benefits of providing such gaming to residents and how it can benefit the state. Larson does see that he is up against many disadvantages as there is no Gaming Commission set up to regulate gaming and look after the industry if passed. The bill for poker gaming was released last month and Larson continues to try and push the legislation.

Larson has stated that he is taking a new approach to regulating poker gaming and says his efforts have been a unique exercise to say the least. He is taking a great deal of feedback and is hoping to learn something in the process. The young legislator is taking big strides to try and better the state and move forward as many other states have done by allowing poker and additional casino gaming.

Card Player recently spoke with Larson and his thoughts on poker legislation within the state, first asking the legislator what he is trying to accomplish with the new proposal. Larson responded that the constitution of the state outlaws games of chance. In his bill, Larson is saying poker is a game of skill which would allow such gaming based on the constitution. Larson wants to see the activity take place in the state so other surrounding states will not be able to take advantage of gamblers living in the state.


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