newjerseyWith Nevada and Delaware beginning to offer multi-state poker just a few days ago, many eyes are now on New Jersey. The state of New Jersey is the only remaining state that offers online poker but has not joined up with the Multi State Internet Agreement. In the past, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey spoke with Nevada officials on the subject but never agreed to take part in interstate poker.

New Jersey currently has the largest player base, bringing in the most poker traffic in the small US online poker market. But with Delaware and Nevada teaming up, their traffic totals have begun to soar. Revenues will begin to increase and New Jersey may find themselves at the bottom of the preverbal poker pile.

According to information released by David L. Rebuck, the Director of the State Division of Gaming Enforcement, interstate as well as international agreements are an important area for the future of online poker as well as overall online gambling. However this was a statement from January and still nothing has been done in way of joining up with US states or international areas.

It may not actually be of benefit for New Jersey to get in on the action as they already hold the market share for online gaming. As of last November, the state held over 90% of the legal gaming revenues generated from online game play. Opening up their sites to additional states would probably bring in more traffic but it would also allow players from New Jersey to use other sites in other states which could hurt the already high traffic numbers.

The Division of Gaming Enforcement for New Jersey has yet to state if they plan on joining forces with Delaware and Nevada to offer interstate gaming. It will be interesting to watch over the coming days if the state begins to move forward with interstate gaming continues to stay on their own.

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