newjerseyThe state of New Jersey seems to be struggling as of late to bring in consistent revenues when it comes to gaming. The state currently offers poker and casino options in both land based and online game play as well as the lottery. A new bill was recently introduced to try and help bring in additional revenues in regards to the lottery.

Just a few days ago a new bill was approved by a committee of the State Assembly which would give players the opportunity to have lottery tickets delivered at home. If the bill is passed, the New Jersey Lottery Commission would have to register and give authority to courier services to be able to provide lottery tickets sales directly to homes within the state.

The bill restricts company operations to those who are registered with the Lottery Commission and have been authorized to offer courier services. The language of the bill also includes that a courier service has the option of charging a delivery fee but is not allowed to collect any winnings as a result of a delivered ticket.

Officials would also be able to establish regulations that will allow for the courier services to redeem winning tickets for players, if proper security measures are in place. Assemblyman John Burzichelli is the sponsor of the bill and stated that ticket delivery would make the products of the lottery more accessible for players, especially those who are homebound or are inconvenienced by going to a retailer.

The bill was created to save players time and to broaden the customer base of the lottery service, allowing all residents to benefit, according to Burzichelli’s statements in a Card Player report. The bill must now move forward and pass with a full vote in Assembly and the Senate before the Governor can sign the bill into law.



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