pennsylvania-delaware-water-gap-fall-foliage-vacation-color-pa03880-625wtThe state of Pennsylvania is making moves to be the next state in the United States to offer online gaming. There are currently only three states that offer online gaming, New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. Pennsylvania has several bills on the table for consideration and new bills continue to be introduced to try and get the ball rolling.

It was just recently announced that a new bill will be introduced by state senators of Pennsylvania. The bill was introduced to the media earlier this week by Joe Scarnati, the Senate President Pro Tempore. Along with three additional republican members, the bill will seek to legalize and regulate online gaming in the state.

The memo in regards to the bill, that was introduced just two days ago, the senator’s state that the bill would allow casinos in the state to offer online gaming and players would have to be located within the state borders to take part in gaming activity. Players will also be required to have an account to get started.

A spokesperson for Scarnati stated that the bill is promising to bring in hundreds of millions in revenues for the state treasury. Provisions will be made to allow the casinos expand their gaming options to the online realm.

In response to the impending proposal of the bill, Governor Tom Wolf responded via his office. Wolf would be open to discussing online gambling legislation but is not looking to offer online gaming revenues for the budget deficit instead of higher taxes.

To many, it makes sense to add online gaming and then use the revenues to help with the state budget. It will be interesting to see if the governor will get on board with any of the online gambling bills and see the state finally enter the new market place.

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