tennessee_mountainsBills in regards to poker are popping up across the United States, from online poker gaming to land based poker rooms. In the state of Tennessee, a new proposal has been created that would allow table games to be placed in gaming facilities for players to enjoy. The amendment would be a first for the state and one that many residents would like to see taking place.

The state constitution would be amended with the new bill if moved forward. The bill has been presented to the State Government Subcommittee of the House earlier this week, but has since been deferred for a study this summer. The proposal was introduced last month and will have to be reviewed in full before moving forward.

The language of the proposal states that legislature would be allowed to authorize casino gaming in the state if all state revenues from the casino gaming are provided to K-12 education or gambling addiction programs or both. Any casino gaming would be implemented and administered as legislature sees fit.

The state is currently reviewing this proposal as there is stiff competition in surrounding states when it comes to poker and casino gaming. To keep residents within the state, Tennessee will have to offer such gaming, or players will go to surrounding states such as Mississippi to enjoy gaming.

With the state, there are no poker rooms available. Any resident interested in such gaming has to travel to other states to take part in the activity. In the south, it can be very taboo to consider enjoying gambling so the fact that the proposal is being considered is a big deal. It will be interesting to see if the bill moves forward or if gamblers will yet again be left without entertainment in the state if the bill is passed over.


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