USA Poker LawsSeveral states within the US are trying to see legislation passed for online poker gaming, however an overall federal legislation in favor of the activity seems far from fruition. There are still far too many opponents of the game to see iPoker added official as an activity in the US nationally. However, a recent incident has shed light on why regulation is needed.

America’s Cardroom is an offshore online poker room that operates in the United States and continues to be a top source of online poker gaming for US residents. One poker pro is now claiming the site asked him to lie in order to be able to deposit at the online poker site.

Mike McDonald tweeted on the 12th of this month that America’s Cardroom support asked him to tell the bank the deposit was for sporting goods in China and not gambling. The problem with being asked to lie about his financials is exactly what happened with such sites as Absolute Poker and Full Tilt when they were shut down during Black Friday.

Instead of deny what McDonald said on Twitter, America’s Cardroom responded by stating the site has to work with a third party for financials and they have to do what they say in these matters. They then apologized for any ‘hustle’ McDonald may have had. The term ‘Hustle’ was not lost on players who saw the tweet though AC stated it was just an auto-correct issue.

This instance is just one of many that clearly shows why regulation is so important. Players are going to take part in online poker and casino gaming no matter what. Options are available. So why not offer regulation to provide a safe environment so players can trust the sites they visit and be able to take part in the popular pastime?




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