Legislation involving online gambling is ever-changing and evolving across the world. While some areas are opening up to more options in the gambling industry, others are deciding to cut back or cut out gambling options completely. An example of this is the country of Uruguay. Just recently a legislative process was started that will see the country banning online gambling services provided by international operators.

According to local media, international operators will no longer be able to offer online gambling services in Uruguay based on a crackdown of online gaming operations in the area. The Chamber of Deputies just passed a bill that will ban online table and slot games along with poker by unlicensed international operators. This effort is part of a larger piece of legislation that will provide greater transparency with the way financial transactions are completed in the country.

No full details have been provided on the ban as of yet, including how or when the law will be implemented. This approach is something that several countries have decided to go with over the years, including most recently in Australia. Online casino and poker sites have been shutting down services in Australia after new legislation was created that will stop unlicensed operators from offering services, even though licensing is not currently offered in the country.

In Uruguay, international operators have been providing services in the gray market for years now as proper regulations were not in place. The regulated market includes a state-run operator and subsidiaries. Local casinos earned more than $6 million in 2016 and demand continues to grow for the Lottery and Supermatch. The unregulated market has the potential to be even larger.

For now, it appears as though Uruguay becomes the next area to make changes to their gambling regulations and unlicensed international operators will have to stop offering services, hoping that the country will let them back in eventually.

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