Kentucky-2Across the United States, individual states are beginning to create legislation either in favor or not in favor of online gambling. Depending on where you live or visit in the US, you have access to varying degrees of gambling, or none at all.

In the state of Kentucky, one legislator is trying to see an online gambling ban be placed into law to shut down internet gaming cafes that continue to pop up around the state.

Republican Senator Mike Wilson has created a bill called BR229 and has pre-filed the bill for the legislative session beginning in 2015.

The legislation mainly targets interne gaming café which continue to provide residents with an outlet for online gaming. Speaking to reporters, Wilson stated that the internet gaming cafes have taken away from those who run charitable gaming such as the VFW and the American Legion.

Wilson wants to clarify an existing law that pertains to gambling to also include electronic devices that are used to facilitate internet gambling. The state of Kentucky is not new to the online gambling fight.

Back in 2008, the governor, Steve Beshear, tried to seize over 140 domain names which included top online poker companies such as DoylesRoom, UltimateBet, Cake, Full Tilt, PokerStars and more. The attempt was unsuccessful but showed that the state does not want to deal with online poker gaming.

Despite the thoughts of politicians, many residents of the state want to take part in online gambling and continue to access offshore gaming sites for casino and poker game play. Wilson’s bill would only be working towards the internet cafes and should not criminalize anyone who does take part in online gambling via off shore sites.


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