Just days after reporting that an online gambling ban is coming to Cambodia, we have now learned that casinos could face serious consequences if they do not stop their online gambling services by December 31st. Any delay will result in legal action by the country.

Just yesterday, Finance Ministry official Ros Phearun was quoted by the VOA Cambodia as stating that the government will begin inspections of local operators to make sure that they are complying with the directive issued back in August by Prime Minister Hun Sen. The directive stated that by the end of this year, all online gambling licensing would be rescinded.

As the year is coming to an end, the government seems to be speaking out more on the topic to ensure that operators remain in compliance. The goal of the ban is to reduce money laundering, which is reportedly being conducted by operators.

New licensing has been provided over the past few years, with many in Sihanoukville. The local authorities in the region are reportedly going to implement the government’s director and casinos in the area will be monitored to ensure that online operations have been shut down.

In June, 163 casinos were active in Cambodia. That number has now decreased to 141. It appears that many Chinese operators removed their services from the region after the directive was first released in August.

According to reports, a join committee will be used to inspect each casino to see if online operations are taking place after the December 31st deadline. Casinos that are not following the new rules will have their license revoked as well as legal action taken.

There is no doubt that on the final day of this year, the Cambodian government will begin the task of reviewing the casinos in the region and ensuring that online gambling is not begin offered. It will be interesting to see who continues to operate or if all services will shut down as required.

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