It has been some time since an online gambling ban was being considered or even up for discussion in the United States. States such as New Jersey have done well when it comes to online gambling and now Pennsylvania has approved the option, set to begin offering online poker and casino services next year. With so much progress and success seen, it is surprising to see that efforts to ban online gambling across the nation are back again. Senators Lindsey Graham and Dianne Feinstein have renewed such efforts by writing a letter to the Justice Department asking for the 2011 opinion of the Wire Act of 1961 to be revisited.

The two senators believe that the current opinion of the Act is in violation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. They feel that the opinion goes against the 50 years of Wire Act interpretation and continue to state the same opposition as in the past, stating that online gambling is harmful to children and those who are the most vulnerable. The senators also stated that iGaming is associated with criminal activity.

Neither lawmaker has been able to provide evidence to back up their claims. In the letter, the senators are asking for the Justice Department to work quickly in reviewing the Wire Act as several states are considering online gambling legislation.

The problem is that online gambling legalization actually helps citizens of the United States. Gamblers are already taking part in the activity, be it online poker or casino games for real money. Citizens are providing personal information and cash money to operators that are not regulated. This is a big problem. Good people can easily be victimized with consumer protections in place.

If online gambling continues to be legalized in the US, players will have reputable sites in which to visit to enjoy this past time. Prohibitions are not going to stop gamblers from taking part in wagering. With laws in place, at least consumers can be protected as they continue to enjoy online gaming activities.

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