texas-lawsuit-loan-fundingEvery state seems to be considering or at least discussing online gambling in the United States. Some are wanting to pass legislation to regulate the industry within their own borders while others want nothing to do with it and are passing legislation that makes the activity illegal. In Texas, legislators are hearing that the officials of the state lottery are considering looking into online offerings.

Reports have shown that officials of the lottery wen to Delaware to visit with the lottery officials in the state. In Delaware, the lottery oversees the online gambling industry, which was regulated two years ago. The state has also partnered with Nevada to offer online poker gaming between each other, and any additional states that might be interested.

There are already over ten states in the US that has some form of lottery service available online. With online access, the market for lottery gaming in the United States has grown to around $70 billion each year.

Gary Grief is the Texas Lottery Commission Executive Director, who sent a letter to the Delaware Lottery, thanking them for providing information on online gambling services. In the letter, Grief stated he was very impressed with the operation and believes the state is conducting services with advanced lottery games when compared to lottery services of additional states.

Grief went on to state he is particularly interested in learning about sports betting, casino games and internet wagering. The officials of Texas were able to come away with a great deal of information that will be helpful in the future if legislators decide to allow online gambling to take place, particularly in the lottery sector.

The lottery is the only one of the few gambling options in the state of Texas that is a non-tribal gaming offering. The state also provides bingo, raffles and pari-mutuel wagering.

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