Online Poker Coming to New York According to One Lawmaker

Several states have shown interest in becoming involved in the online poker industry of the United States this year, including New York. Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow is the Chairman of the Committee on Racing and Wagering who recently conducted an interview where he discussed online poker regulation and how it will be coming to New York.

Pretlow spoke with fiso1news this week, talking about how he had some issues with online poker in the past but if New Yorkers are going to take part in the games, then he wants the environment to be as fair as it can be. Last year, Pretlow had the opportunity to bring a bill into the Assembly for discussion but chose not to due to lack of support.

Currently, Assemblyman Pretlow is sponsoring an online poker bill, the Assembly version, to see the game go live online in the state. The Assemblyman recently visited New Jersey in order to see how the state is using online poker gaming to bring in new revenues. He learned more about the operation of the industry including how geolocation services work. His research left him feeling more confident about his state becoming involved.

Now, according to Pretlow, it is a matter of moving the bill along. Pretlow’s bill is a companion measure to Senator John Bonacic’s bill that was introduced into the Senate. The bill by Bonacic was able to pass with a vote of 53 to 5 last year but did not come up for consideration within the Assembly.

Last year, the state seemed to be more focused on land based gaming. Legislation was passed just a few years ago in which the state would create their very first commercial casinos. Now that venues are in operation, legislators can now move forward and focus more on online gaming.

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