1280px-Flag_of_California.svgBy the end of this month, an online poker bill that has been amended in the state of California will be up for discussion by legislators. According to a report by Card Player, an insider to tribal gaming in the state has reported that a hearing will take place, with a goal of moving the measure out of committee.

California Nations Indian Gaming Association Chairman Steve Stallings, stated that the legislation introduced in February by Adam Gray, an Assemblyman of the state, will be moving ahead as efforts to pass legislation involving online poker is closer than it has ever been.

Many felt that online poker legislation might stall even further after Amaya Gaming, the parent company of PokerStars, CEO was hit with charges of insider trading, PokerStars currently is part of a coalition for online poker involving the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Morongo Band of Mission Indians and card rooms of the state. Bad actor clauses that would keep PokerStars from operating in the state have been on the table and with these recent events involving the brand, it may bring further negativity to such additions to legislation.

The charges have raised flags but for the most part, everyone still seems to be on board with working with PokerStars if legislation is passed and no bad actor clause is included. However, poker tribes, card rooms and race tracks continue to bicker about how the online poker activity should be constructed within the state.

The news of the measure being given a hearing does promote the hope that California can move forward with legislation. For now, we shall have to see who the hearing fares and what legislators have to say in regards to the existing measure. No date has been revealed as to when the hearing will take place, but the month is basically half over so it should not be too much longer before information is revealed.

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