The legislative session in New York ended in June, with online poker efforts stalling yet again. Proponents in the state will have to wait until 2019 and hope that legalization efforts are brought back to life if the option has any chance of becoming a reality.

During the last session, online poker legislation was able to advance within the Senate, but the proposal stalled in the Assembly. A vote never even took place on the matter within the Assembly, however, there is hope that next year, efforts will see more progression.

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow is still on board, having stated a few months ago that the state will get online poker done. Pretlow felt that he was only a few short shy of seeing the bill pass within the Assembly. Hopefully, efforts can be made by next session to convince lawmakers that the state needs to get on board.

Neighboring states New Jersey and Delaware already offer online poker and casino gaming, with Pennsylvania supposedly getting started later on this year after the option was legalized last year. Other states are considering online poker as well, along with sports betting, after SCOTUS recently opened up the sports betting industry across the nation.

If New York does not act quickly, they will fall behind and be one of a select few in their region of that states that does not offer online gaming. MGM Resorts is another supporter who may be able to sway lawmakers. The company recently announced a deal to acquire Empire City Casino, a venue located in Yonkers. The brand is a strong supporter of online poker gaming and wants to see the industry come to the state.

Unfortunately, 2018 was not the year for New York to launch online poker. Hopefully, headway will be made next year which will result in the state joining those who already benefit from the iPoker industry.

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