Online poker legislation has been few and far between in the United States. Since 2014, only Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada have legalized online poker gaming in the US. Other states have proposed legislation including California and Pennsylvania, but none have been able to seal the deal. The state of Michigan created an online gambling bill some time ago that was under consideration and apparently this bill is being considered for this year.

CardPlayer was able to speak to Senator Mike Kowall’s office, a senator of Michigan, and found out that the state still has plenty of time this year to approve online casino gaming options. Lawmakers will be meeting this week and come back together in November to create a plan for online gaming. The state also sessions that will take place in December, leaving many days of legislation to discuss the option.

Proponents of online gaming continue to work with tribal groups who offer gaming in the state as well as the three casinos of Detroit. The proponents are trying to create a plan for online wagering and get a feel as to how operators wish to see the option offered.

Back in May, the office of Kowall stated that the measure had great chances of passing in 2016. Then in June, the legislation was approved by the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee, which made it possible for the vote to take place in a full Senate. If the state is able to launch online gaming this year, it will be the first state to do so since 2013.

Michigan is not a state that has really been on the radar in the US as Pennsylvania has taken over the media as the next to become involved in the industry. However, Pennsylvania only has a few days left in session when compared to Michigan so we may see the state actually push ahead of the front runner to be the next to offer online gaming in the state.


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