Nevada-300x200Normally, high stakes gambler Paul Phua would most likely be taking part in the World Series of Poker right now, but unfortunately he can’t as he is facing severe charges for his connection with an illegal sports betting ring. The businessman of Malaysia may have finally seen a break in the case now the evidence against him has been official thrown out.

FBI agents gained evidence against Phua by entering his home under false pretenses. Phua had contacted villa officials at Caesars to assist with an internet issue. The FBI agents then posed as repairmen to gain access to inside the villa. US District Judge Andrew Gordon has now ruled that this evidence is not admissible in court.

The prosecution has until today to decide if they will continue with the charges against Phua or if they will drop the charges filed. If the trial moves forward for the June 1st scheduled date, the prosecution will be less a great deal of evidence that would have been the meat of the case.

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup of Brazil, Phua as well as 8 additional individuals were arrested for participating in an illegal gambling scheme. The men involved were located at 3 villas of Caesars Palace and were found to be surrounded by computers, routers and gadgets which were alleged to be used for online wagering.

Back in February, Judge Peggy Lean ruled that the evidence obtained by FBI agents was conducted unconstitutionally and was in violation of those involved private property. The ruling was put in place to try and deter officials in law enforcement from conducting illegal searches to obtain information.

For now, Phua must wait and see what the decision of the prosecution will be. The gambler is surely hoping the charges will be dropped and he will be able to move on with his life, never looking back at this incident.



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