The state of Pennsylvania has been in the running to become the next in the US to legalize online gaming for some time now. When 2017 began, the state was as close as they ever had been to passing legislation in regards to online casino and poker gaming on top of expanding into other areas. Over the past few weeks, momentum has been building and according to Senator Jay Costa, a gaming package should be voted on this week, which includes the legalization of online gambling.

Yesterday, Costa was on Twitter taking questions on the budget of the state and what progress was being made in legislature. In a response to a Twitter user, Costa stated that the expansion is likely to take place by the end of this week and will include online poker. Costa told another Twitter user that he expects the final budget funding vote to take place tomorrow or Wednesday.

This is good news for those who want to see Pennsylvania pass online gambling legislation. Pennsylvania is a key gaming state and once they make the move, it would not be surprising to see other states passing legislation in the future as well.

Online gambling is expected to contribute to the state budget but legislation must be passed in order for this to work. A delay has been caused in passing such legislation as other areas of gaming expansion are included in the gaming package. Video gaming terminals are on the mind of House members as they wish to allow such gaming options to take place. However, the Senate does not. This has caused a point of contention and the bill to be moved back and forth with changes made in each area of legislature.

Currently, the Senate Rules and Executive Nominations Committee should be meeting today to discuss H 271. The bill must be amended however, in order to receive the majority of the votes in both chambers. If the bill moves past the committee, it would then be up for a full vote in the Senate and then to the House for concurrence.

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